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Amieira Marina | Panoramic Restaurant
Amieira Marina


gastronomy / view / comfort

Overlooking the calm waters of the Alqueva Lake, the Amieira Marina Panoramic Restaurant offers you the best of the traditional Alentejo gastronomy.

Discover our fantastic menu.


Our starters

Our starters

The starters awaken our senses to the light aromas of the Alentejo tradition...

... where guests can savour the Alentejo regional cheese au gratin sprinkled with oregano , scrambled eggs with the typical farinheira sausage, mushrooms sautéed with linguiça sausage and garlic, and silarcas (brown mushrooms) with eggs.

Regional dishes

Regional dishes

And because we are dazzled by the Alentejo and its Great Lake...

... We have to mention the regional dishes such as the dogfish and cod bread panada and the Alentejo gazpacho with fried mackerel.

Game dishes

Game dishes

This vast region, where we find the most extensive area cork area in the Iberian Peninsula...

… has some of the best dishes that delight the most demanding gourmands: black pork, lamb, and game such as partridge and wild boar.

Other flavours

Other flavours

The restaurant also offers modern and refined flavours...

… the highlight being codfish. Come taste the cod pastry au gratin with spinach and prawns, and the cod supremes in olive-oil soaked potatoes and enjoy the stunning views of the Alqueva Lake.

Traditional sweets

Traditional sweets

To finish your meal off in style, we invite you to taste some of our traditional sweets...

... For e.g., sericaia (Portuguese egg pudding) with Elvas plums, formigos (made with bread, raisins, nuts and honey) and cottage cheese with almonds and honey.

Our wines

Our wines

The wines in our wine list...

... are rich in aroma and full-bodied, yet they have a great character. They are undoubtedly a reflection of our region. The wine list offers primarily regional wines, a reference of quality, but also other Alentejo wines and wines from other regions.

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Closed Wednesday 






We provide catering services for groups onboard the Guadiana Rio or breakfast in the Bar esplanade. Prior booking is required.

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and enjoy